Greyed Out Retailer Bundles

Get your game store the cool dice bags! Over the years I’ve often done dice bag orders for friendly local game stores(FLGS), and with the new Greyed Out website I wanted to create some “levels” for a variety of different … Read More

Greyed Out Custom Dice Bags

  It’s in the bag, baby…   Over the years I’ve found that dice bags can be, and often are, a very personal thing for gamers(myself included!). The dice bag is the tool we use to carry our dice collection … Read More

Horus Heresy Hobby

  A few years ago Games Workshop released the Betrayal at Calth box set, a chance to quickly grow a Horus Heresy army disguised as a board game. The box was a bargain at the price, containing 30 MkIV tactical … Read More

Showcasing Rue Ink

Deven Rue(of Rue Ink) does tavern sign illustrations. And dice trays. And gaming props. And some pretty amazing fantasy maps.  She’s a geek and gamer like all the rest of us in this wonderful, amazing hobby.  Recently she’s started doing a … Read More

Greyed Out in a New Place

I’ve been making dice bags for close to seven years now, and Etsy is awesome.  However, I also wanted a separate place where I could showcase dice bags and any other interests that I might want to show off or … Read More