Etsy Issues

geHi EvHi Folks, Hi folks, it seems like there’s been an issue with Etsy charging seller’s credit cards quite a lot of money, often repeatedly, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. I know this is worrying, but … Read More

March Update!

It’s been a busy couple of months, and I’m working on getting orders out as quickly as I can! This post is intended to give a quick fabric stock update.   Currently on order: Norse Runic Fabric Infinite Galaxy Fabric … Read More

Greyed Out Black Friday Sale!

This is the week where your inbox gets absolutely flooded with dozens upon dozens of sales thanks to the phenomenon known as Black Friday. I know that for me it’s always hard to choose whether or not I want to … Read More

The Strange Labyrinth That Is Marketing

Recently I’ve had marketing, branding, and social media on my mind quite a bit.  I’ve been making dice bags for almost seven years now, and in that time, I’ve sewn literally thousands of them.  I’m good at it. What I’m … Read More

Across the Universe Dice Bag

Space! Above and Beyond!   Greyed Out has just released another awesome new dice bag featuring the art of Rue Ink! This is Deven’s “Across the Universe” image and features some really amazing planets and asteroids on a space/galactic background.  

Why Maps on Dice Bags Are One of My Favorite Things

Cartography Nerd   There’s something really cool about looking at a map and wondering “what’s over there?”. I get this feeling not only from fantasy maps, but also from real world maps. It’s great to see various place names and … Read More

Dyson’s Dungeon Map Dice Bags!

I’ve been a fan of Dyson’s Logos for a long time. I think I discovered his work on Google+, and over the years he’s gotten even better at his unique mapping style.  Dyson cross-hatches in a way that immediately identifies … Read More

The Ork Project

Several years ago I started an ork army for Warhammer 40,000.  I’d always really liked orks, but had been out of the game for almost a dozen years. I figured it was time to collect some greenskins, and I chose … Read More

Runic d20 Pouch of Handsewn Leather

A while back, I was asked by Deven Rue of Rue Ink if I’d be interested in taking over a project. Deven had been making really cool d20-shaped dice pouches out of leather, but has become rather busy doing fantasy cartography. Simply … Read More

Greyed Out Retailer Bundles

Get your game store the cool dice bags! Over the years I’ve often done dice bag orders for friendly local game stores(FLGS), and with the new Greyed Out website I wanted to create some “levels” for a variety of different … Read More

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