Dyson’s Dungeon Map Dice Bags!

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Dyson Dungeon dicebag greyed out

I’ve been a fan of Dyson’s Logos for a long time. I think I discovered his work on Google+, and over the years he’s gotten even better at his unique mapping style.  Dyson cross-hatches in a way that immediately identifies his maps, and though many have tried to copy the style, an original Dyson still stands out. You can find his work at Dyson Logos.

About a month ago, Deven of Rue Ink approached me and suggested a collaboration between the three of us – she would take a Dyson map and put it onto fabric, and I’d take the resulting fabric and make my signature dice bags. The result speaks for itself, as you can see above. I’m incredibly proud to be a part of this project.

The dice bag above is lined in a natural cotton, although this new site also allows a variety of other choices; you can choose between a huge number of fabric colors, and even add pockets to the inside of your bag to keep lucky/unlucky/special dice separate from the rest.

You can find the Dyson’s Dungeon Map Dice Bag here: http://www.greyedoutproductions.com/shop/dysons-dungeon-map-dice-bag/

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