Greyed Out Black Friday Sale!

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This is the week where your inbox gets absolutely flooded with dozens upon dozens of sales thanks to the phenomenon known as Black Friday. I know that for me it’s always hard to choose whether or not I want to spend hard earned dollars on these sales(a lot of it being “do I need this item, or do I just want this item?).

At Greyed Out, I produce high quality dice bags that will travel with you through years of adventures at the gaming table or on the battlefield in the 41st millennium.  As a seller, I definitely want you to be tempted by the cool stuff I’m offering.  That said, this year I’m offering several different coupon codes that you can take advantage of from Wednesday the 22nd through Monday the 27th of November.

Coupon blackfriday2 will allow you to save $2 on an order.

Coupon blackfriday5 gives you $5 off an order of $35 or more.

Coupon blackfriday10 gives you $10 off an order of $65 or more – this one’s perfect if you’re holiday shopping for fellow gamers!


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