Greyed Out Retailer Bundles

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Get your game store the cool dice bags!

Over the years I’ve often done dice bag orders for friendly local game stores(FLGS), and with the new Greyed Out website I wanted to create some “levels” for a variety of different selections.  With the new Greyed Out Retailer Bundles(linked here at Level 2), it’s possible to get a “starter kit” of Greyed Out dice bags to offer customers.

Each level offers a number of dice bags, with the cost per bag decreasing as the levels go up.  Level 2, for example, is 18 dice bags in 6 different styles at $13.50/bag.  Everything beyond the Level 1 bundle also comes with free shipping.


dungeon map mk2 dicebag new greyed out


Prints do better.

I’ve found that the printed dice bags using Spoonflower fabric do have a tendency to do better at the FLGS than screen printed dice bags, which is why the Retailer Bundles offer only printed bags and solid color dice bags.

The bundles offer 4 different kinds of prints, and I’m making an effort to make all Greyed Out dice bags completely machine washable through the use of 100% cotton fabrics.



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