Buddhathulhu Dice Bag Fabric by Deven Rue


This beautiful dice bag is made from the Buddhathulhu fabric, designed by Deven Rue of Rue Ink.  Deven creates incredible work and I’m proud to present dice bags made from her illustrations.


Default lining/stitching on this bag is black; note that choosing a different color for the inside lining may result in white stitching where appropriate.

The dice bag measures 5″ tall with a 4″ square base, a design that allows your dice bag to sit open on the table for easy access to your dice during long gaming sessions. Each Greyed Out dice bag will hold about 160 dice, and closes securely with a double drawstring, with the option for cord locks.

Processing time is listed at 3-4 weeks, though your dice bag should ship much more quickly.


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