Greyed Out Retailer Bundle Level 2


This listing represents the Level 2 retailer bundle for Greyed Out dice bags, comprised of 18 dice bags in a variety of styles.


You get:

3x Dungeon Map Mk2 Dice Bags

3x Sepia Dungeon Map Dice Bags

3x Classic RPG Map Dice Bags

3x Necronomicon Dice Bags

3x Solid Color Dice Bags: for example, 1 red/red dice bag, 1 black/black, 1 green/green dice bag

3x Solid Color Dice Bags with 5 interior pockets: solid color exterior, and a natural cotton interior with extra pockets


This is a total of 18 dice bags, all 100% cotton and machine washable, professional quality and sewn to last. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery, depending on the availability of the printed fabrics; it can take several weeks to print and restock these fabrics.