Serpent Wizard Dice Bag


Wizards have always been sorted into houses based on a number of personality traits. As it happens, the wizards who end up in this house are ambitious, often power hungry, intelligent, and cunning. Is it any wonder that their house animal is a serpent?


This dice bag measures 5″ tall with a 4″ square base, and will hold about 160 dice. It closes securely with a double drawstring and includes the option for inside pockets.

Pockets in the 5-pocket dice bag measure 4″ tall by 4″ wide, not counting the center “pocket”, which is bigger.

Pockets in the 9-pocket dice bag measure 4″ tall by 2″ wide. There are 8 of these around the inside of the dice bag, and a ninth center “pocket”.

Dice bags with no pockets and five pockets come with 1 cord lock.

Dice bags with nine pockets come with 2 cord locks.

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