Why Maps on Dice Bags Are One of My Favorite Things

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Cartography Nerd


There’s something really cool about looking at a map and wondering “what’s over there?”. I get this feeling not only from fantasy maps, but also from real world maps. It’s great to see various place names and draw inspiration from actual towns, cities, and locations. Fantasy maps just multiple that by a factor of a thousand; look at a map of Middle Earth and ask yourself “What’s here?”.

Thankfully, there a lot of fantasy artists out there drawing maps every single day. Here at Greyed Out, the collection of cartography dice bags just keeps growing.


Small Beginnings


One of the first dungeon map dice bags I ever made featured a design called “Old School Dungeon” by Alex Camacho.  It’s a repeating design and still a favorite of mine.

dungeon map mk2 dicebag new greyed out

The second design is done by Tim Snider, and is the classic blue-and-white map from the old D&D modules.

classic rpg map dicebag greyed out

Even after nearly 7 years of making dice bags, both these designs remain incredibly popular, and it’s easy to see why. There’s a sense of adventure about each one, and I like bringing that to gamers in the form of dice bags.


Crawl Through These Dungeons


It would be a little while before Greyed Out added more dungeon dice bags. The next addition comes from William “BilliamBabble” Meddle.  Here’s the Sepia Dungeon Map dice bag.

sepia pocket dicebag greyedout


World Maps from Deven Rue


The latest cartography/map dice bags here at Greyed Out all come courtesy of Deven Rue – I’ve mentioned her before, and she does amazing work. In the past couple of months she’s begun coloring all her maps using Copic markers, and the work is unrivaled.

kings cross dice bag 1 greyed out

Kor treum map dice bag 1 greyed out

middle earth rue ink dice bag greyed out

ravens call dice bag greyedout

I’ll be adding several more of Deven’s maps once the fabric arrives from the manufacturer, and I’ll be showcasing those dice bags as soon as they’re finished. In the meantime, last but certainly not least, is this sprawling dungeon map drawn by Dyson Logos, and colored by Deven.

Dyson Dungeon dicebag greyed out

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